Why was Four Anchors created?

What kind of books do you sell? What is this Christian YA literature you speak of?

What do your ratings mean?

What is your return policy?

Do you sell gift cards?

What currency do you accept?


Why do you charge for shipping?

Do you ship to my country?

What shipping carrier do you use?


What is the AnchorChest?

Should I purchase a subscription for a [insert age here] year old?

What day of the month will I be charged? When will boxes ship?

Can I return my AnchorChest?

Can I purchase a box after the cutoff date?

How do I cancel my subscription?

My payment didn't go through this month!! Can I still order?

What kind of AnchorChest subscription can I purchase as a gift?

How do I purchase a gift AnchorBox subscription?

When will my lucky recipient receive their AnchorChest?


How do I earn points?

What can I do with my points?

Do points have to come from one purchase?

How do I redeem points?

How often do you have double points day?

Media and Vendors

How do I submit my product for consideration for the monthly box?

I publish Christian YA books, who do I talk to about sales?

I want to feature Four Anchors and/or AnchorChest in my article/on my blog.

Do you have an affiliate program?

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